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Chapter 7 - "Judgement Day"

Your dream world is just about to end

from 'Dreamworld', on Diesel and Dust by Midnight Oil


Investigative bodies


Selected source material pertaining to Citibank


  • Kirkham Prison
    Kirkham Prison

  • Manifesto
    The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx & Frederick Engles

  • Amazon Books
    L'Etranger (The Stranger) by Albert Camus

  • LotEF
    Law on the Electronic Frontier By Ian J Lloyd and Moria Simpson

  • Report
    Scottish Law Commission Report on Computer Crime No. 174 of 1987

  • Report
    UK Law Commission Report No. 186 of 1989, Computer Misuse

  • Report
    Computer Misuse Act 1990 (UK)

  • Judegement
    R v Gold and Schifreen [1988] 2 WLR 984

  • 8LGM
    Eight Legged Groove Machine Security Advisory Service; also some information about 8LGM the band.

  • Amazon Books
    Spike Milligan (the author)